Tuesday, July 3, 2012

garden journal 7.3.12

 We had quite a storm last Friday, coming through late at night with crazy winds and knocking out power to half our county (with many still waiting for theirs, 4 1/2 days later). We were blessed to have very little damage, losing only one sunflower, a few Roma tomatoes (which I am trying to ripen on the window sill), and a very dead black snake next to the garden.  Our power was out for 2 days though, and so we became nomads, spending time with friends who fed us, and sleeping in the AC at the inlaws, for it was HOT.  Regardless, I'm back now and hopefully will have several posts up on the blog this week. First, is the jungle that is our garden!
 Here you see the fabulous cucumber trellis that hubby built me. It shades the lettuce so that even in 100 degree days, so far very little of the lettuce has "bolted", and I am delighted. The cukes are starting to grow, too. I counted three 1" cucumbers when I was out today. Our hope is to have enough for pickles. Here's one of the baby cucumbers:
 And the zucchini (which got a late start as the first seeding never germinated and I had to replant) is starting to blossom:
 Did I tell you we got blueberry bushes? Four bushes, two of the "normal" blue variety, and two "pink lemonade" variety, which I must say live up to their reputation for sweet and delicious. I'm wondering if we put them in too shady a spot but only time will tell.
 And the cherry tomatoes are loving the heat. Loving the bounty of them and how the kids love to sneak one warm right off the vine. We have red and orange varieties this year, and so far orange is winning for volume of production and for sweetness. I've also been harvesting green beans, lettuce as needed for salads, scallions for those salads.  Dill is in, basil is coming along but slowly (perhaps too shaded in the tomatoes). The cilantro bolted early, and I'm hoping will re-seed for a fall harvest.
Love the joy of a summer garden.

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