Wednesday, March 21, 2012

cherry blossom time

T.J. took this picture...not bad for a 4 year old!
It was a beautiful day in Washington, D.C. I have never seen the cherry blossoms at their peak, and today was definitely a "peak" day. The boy and I went down this morning (while girlie was sadly at school and her daddy at work). How fun to have no agenda but to see the trees. And so when we got to the tidal basin and found out we could paddle boat for just $12 an hour, what a bargain! It was overcast but so very pretty, peaceful out on the water, and we could see it all. (Plus I got a pretty good leg work-out since 4 year old legs are pretty short!). Afterwards, we had a picnic lunch and I let him direct our last hour or so over at the Smithsonian. Thus we saw:  cars, trucks, trains, and power machinery at American History; and dinosaurs, volcanoes and rocks at Natural History. And home again on the Metro in time to get the girlie off the bus.  I had to promise her we'd go back in 2 weeks when she is on spring break. Loved this day. Every minute.

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