Wednesday, March 28, 2012

another beautiful day

This morning my boy and I enjoyed not one but two fun treats: first, a library-sponsored performance by Bridgette and the Band, a fun Caribbean-themed duo performing kids music. One half of the duo is my friend, Dawn (yes, the other is Bridgette), and we had never seen her in concert before. So much energy in a room full of preschoolers and moms (and gramma's and nannies, etc.). It was loud and joyful and over all, fun.
After, we were able to go to a beautiful park just around the corner from that library, Quiet Waters Park, for fun at the playground and a little hiking around. This afternoon we are going to have storms around here, but while we were out it was gorgeous, about 70, sunny and breezy. A great day for a picnic and some fun with my boy.
rolling down the hill...

It has been fun adventuring with my boy the past two weeks, but I am really looking forward to next week, which is spring break for the girlie (and to summer vacation not too far off!). We should have some good adventures to share...not sure what yet, but I'm sure we will be off adventuring!

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