Wednesday, September 28, 2011

right now...

This week I am...
  • harvesting green beans every other day...ones that were supposed to be ready to harvest in July, finally growing. blanching them and freezing them, hoping to save enough for thanksgiving!
  • making one more batch of pesto before the basil flowers and is done
  • reading Patrick Taylor's Irish Country Doctor series in every free moment...and wishing for a quieter pace of life.
  • wishing that cooler weather would get here (tomorrow, they think!)
  • thankful for how pretty ragweed is...since it has no redeeming value otherwise 
  • thankful for antihistamines and good eye drops (see ragweed, above!)
  • getting out the autumn decorations...but not the halloween ones, yet!
  • feeling somewhat lacking in crafty inspiration....which is why you haven't seen more of me here on the blog
  • working on three separate knitting projects, all half-heartedly
  • promising myself not to start a new sewing project until I hem all 5 pairs of the girlies pants (2 done today, 3 to go) and work through my mending pile! 
  • looking forward to a girls morning tomorrow while the boy is at preschool (girlie has off for Rosh Hashanna)...haircuts, clothes shopping, and a library trip all planned by her!
  • planning an apple pie for tomorrow evening with friends
  • enjoying my new Bible study group from church, and looking forward to building new friendships
  • thankful for this list reminding me that there IS more to my days than disciplining a certain 3 1/2 year old only feels like thats all I've been doing!
the long awaited green beans!
Perhaps there will be some apple pie on this blog soon....stay posted! 

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    1. ha! some days I am convinced that the only words spoken to chase were that of discipline and correction. *sigh* these little guys will give us a run for our money!