Sunday, September 18, 2011

create:: the hurricane vest

A few weeks ago, as Hurricane Irene was barreling up the east coast toward us, I was making those frantic last minute errands. For most that is to the grocery: TP, milk, bread, chocolate.  For me, the two critical errands were the Library and to get more Yarn!  I have several projects on the needles right now, but they all are pretty detailed with cables, or lace-work, and I really wanted something simple and repetetive.  Why?  So I could knit while glued to the Weather Channel (yes, I am a junkie when storms are coming through-- I'd rather watch it on TV than watch what is going on outside my window!). And so I could knit in the dim light of candles and flashlights once the power went out...which it did, for almost 2 days.   I had been looking at some "circular vest" patterns and this one seemed to fit the bill.  Its ingenious, and simple and fun.  The yarn I found has fabulous colors, rusts and browns and a gorgeous turquoise. Its acrylic, which made it inexpensive, but a little funny texture.  I love the pattern, and will probably make it a smaller size, and in wool.  Oh, and the daughter said she wanted one.  Shouldn't be too hard to adapt down to a 6-year-old size.  All in all, a nice little knit for a hurricane and a great addition to my fall wardrobe as temperatures are cooling off.  Here are my notes on Ravelry if you want more about it.

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