Thursday, January 13, 2011

wishing for a winter wonderland

Dear Mother Nature, I would like to register a complaint.  The repeated application of only 1" of snow to my front yard this winter is only serving to frustrate me and the kids. Its kind of pretty, but honestly, you can still see the brown grass poking through.   The kids want to play in it, and to have a snow day.  They don't understand that playing in one inch of snow is really the same as playing in very cold mud.   They don't get why school goes on anyway. (I don't understand why school lets out early when it hasn't even started snowing, but that's another issue...) I just want a day or two where there is nothing to do but hole up at home, snuggle under afghans, make soup and hot cocoa, and read, watch movies, play games, and knit.  One inch is not enough snow to justify this behavior. Could we please have one nice storm of 4-8 inches? No need to go crazy here, last winter's record snows were exciting, but really, just a few more inches would do.  Thanks for your consideration, sincerely, Katie.

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  1. Hee hee! Great blog, Katie! It looks like you enjoyed the snow this time!