Tuesday, January 4, 2011

create:: a mess

So I wandered up to my craft area this afternoon, hoping for inspiration to strike, as I am ready to begin some new-year crafting.  And inspiration struck...not in fabric, or yarn, but in paper! I enjoy scrapbooking but only usually get it done while I am on vacation in NC every summer.  And last summer I did about 2/3 of my albums for both kids from our trip to Disney World last January.  I figure, it would be nice to get them done within a year of that trip...which gives me about 2 more weeks or so. Time to get cracking! 

Today's progress: one measly page, and a giant mess on my work table.  Photos and papers strewn everywhere. It can only get better from here.   Not willing to subject you to pictures of the mess. Maybe later!

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