Sunday, January 9, 2011

create:: little miss marisol mouse

While procrastinating on some of my post-Christmas clean-up, I found this adorable knitted mouse pattern.  And was pleasantly surprised that it was such a quick (3 hours, maybe?) knit, and that it came out so well.  In fact, when she was done, she told me I had to knit her a scarf!  So cute.  Thanks to Rachel Borello for the free pattern.  She has adorable things over at 

My dear hubby asked (in the way that husbands do): "What is she for?"  And my reply: "For me!" Just for fun. A little friend.  A bit of joy.  Glad to welcome little Miss Marisol Mouse to our family.
 She's been hanging out at the gingerbread house a lot lately. It is just her size.  No nibbles missing yet, but I'm keeping my eye on her!
I wonder if she needs a few friends?

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