Wednesday, December 26, 2012

glory to our newborn king!

And then it was Christmas! A crazy day full of family and fun and food. Of wrapping paper flying everywhere and it seemed like every present was "just what I wanted!".  Four year old boys are into Imaginext, especially the Eagle Talon Castle, and into spy gear, and lots and lots of Legos. And for our seven year old girl, it was all about things for her American Girl dolls, Lego Friends, crafts and sewing projects (even a kids sewing machine!).

We spent the morning at Nanny and Papa's house with hubby's sister and brother-in-law, and with my parents. We stuffed ourselves with brunch casseroles and cinnamon buns and lots and lots of bacon. We celebrated Nanny getting a new knee for Christmas (replaced last week) and all of us being together and healthy. Papa gave our girlie a beautiful handmade armoire for all her American Girl clothes and accessories.

Then after I had a brief nap, and the kids worked on Legos and Hotwheels wall track installation with their dad, we headed up to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner and another round of fun and crazy present exchanges. We see cousins and extended family at Christmas that it has often been a year or more since we were last together, and there is so much joy and laughter.  Here's the whole crew (wearing our crowns from our Christmas crackers):

 Photo: part of the family, at Aunt Sue and Uncle Bill's for Christmas 2012

And just to show that I come from a long line of cookie bakers, here are all the yummy cookies we had for dessert, I counted 14 varieties of homemade cookies made by 4 different families, plus the candy and petit fours. We were stuffed, but in a good way. 
 And we celebrated Christ's birth, and we rejoiced in being together, and while no Christmas is perfect, this one was so good I would repeat it again and again. I pray you felt the same as you celebrated.  Merry Christmas, friends!


  1. I love that you had a Christmas worth repeating.

    Your daughter's AG doll armoire is incredible! My girls both got their first AG dolls this Christmas. Is it Molly she has?

    Blessings on your new year!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! She has Molly and a Look-like-me doll she calls Elizabeth. I think it is Molly in the pictures...yes, there are bangs, it must be Molly. Ha! Thanks for stopping by! :) Katie