Wednesday, December 26, 2012

as we approached Christmas

This will be the first in a few Christmas posts, just to break up the enormous number of photos that have been taken over the past week or two, and especially the past day or two. As we approached Christmas, we got busy with all the normal preparations, visiting Santa while at the BSO Holiday concert...

 baking cookies...

 making birdseed ornaments for teachers, bus driver, extended family and friends...

 and making our annual gingerbread houses (we use the Wilton kits, they make it so easy!).

 Presents were bought, wrapped and ribboned. Church services were attended and we worshiped our Saviour, come once to earth for us, and coming again. Christmas pajamas were opened and put on. Stockings were hung by the stairway (lacking a chimney) with care. And we admired the tree, and put ourselves to bed, awaiting Santa's arrival.

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