Tuesday, October 30, 2012

in sandy's wake

As the east coast for the most part shut down completely over the past 48-72 hours, so did we.  Thankfully, hubby had purchased a generator about a month ago, so he spent much of Saturday getting it all set up in its own little lean-to outside. And while I don't believe in karma or such things, the result of all that hard prep work was that we didn't lose power beyond a flicker of the lights once or twice. We are thankful. And our prayers are with family who will likely not have power for multiple days, with friends who suffered damage or who are still "in the dark" and with all those who suffered immeasurably more damage than we can imagine, especially in New York.

Meanwhile, having battened down hatches and not having work or school to get to today, we made room for some quiet fun at home. There were UNO games played, lots of LEGO building...
LEGO men at work
a sewing project for the girlie (from the fun book, Sewing School )...
tracing her picture onto fabric...
her "stuffie": a pink dolphin stuffed animal
a hurricane knitting project for me (almost finished, pictures hopefully later this week), and the cats were completely fascinated by the wind and rain outside.
  I finished reading a couple of the books I've been reading, and hope to finish one more tonight (due back at the library tomorrow...). We had crock pot cream cheese chicken chili (thanks, Pinterest!) for dinner. And then there was the pumpkin carving.
Kids go back with a 2-hour delay tomorrow, which will allow us a nice relaxed start and a short day. And all in all, while I wouldn't wish this kind of "vacation" on anyone, it has been a rather nice break for us.

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