Sunday, October 21, 2012

boys (and girls) and trucks

In the beautiful fall weather we've been having, it's been fun to get out to some local activities. Yesterday our local hospital hosted a "Touch a Truck" event, where they invite all sorts of trucks and heavy equipment to come and allow folks to climb in the cab, look at the truck, and even honk the horns (and yes, it got quite loud at times!).  Several fun hours were spent wandering around with the kids, hubby, the kids' Papa, and me (official family photographer). Some of our favorites were the fire trucks (especially the ladder trucks), the airport snowplow and snowblower, a cement truck, and a car transporter. We even got to see the Oriole Bird and Poe (one of the Baltimore Ravens mascots). Add in free flu shots (not fun, but necessary) for the two of us who hadn't gotten them elsewhere, and a free lunch, and it was a great day. Enough said...I know you are really here for the photos!

Airport snowplow

Kids on the State Police Dive Rescue/Recovery Boat

 We are so grateful for all the hard-working men and women who operate these great trucks and serve us and our community so well!

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