Tuesday, September 11, 2012

this week

This week we have been settling into school routines, waiting for after-school activities to start up, closing the pool for the season, and fitting in some fun in between these things. I haven't made time in the schedule yet for much sewing or creating; there has been a much needed cleaning up of my craft area first, and I've been working on a home cookbook project which I hope to show you soon. But here are the highlights of our week:

Meeting our sweet cousin! My brother and his family just relocated back to the states after several years in Italy with the U.S. Navy. And the newest addition was born in Italy just last month! So we were delighted to have them here in the area this week, and to get to see this beautiful little girl and her two "big" brothers (who are almost-2 and almost-4 respectively).  The kids were so good with her, and I was amazed how happy my daughter was to just sit and hold her sleeping cousin. She is SO happy to finally have a girl cousin!  My little guy was sweet too, but at 4 1/2, he could only manage about 30 seconds before we heard "she's too heavy!"

 This was my summer knitting, a sweet sweater for my sweet niece! It was a fun pattern with the "pebble yoke" design; an easy knit and good for long car trips (to and from the lake, and such!). I finished sewing the buttons on as we drove up the road to my parents to meet the sweet girl on Sunday. (Ravelry notes for my knitting friends).

On his days off from Preschool, my little guy and I have also been having some adventures just the two of us. Last week one day we went to the beach at the local park to pick up "treasures" like sea-glass and smoothed broken pieces of brick. The beach is just a little ways south of the City of Baltimore and there are always lots of good things washing up.

We also "adventured" today back to our favorite pick-your-own farm, for more apples, since last month's supply had been consumed. And since they were having a sale ($0.50/lb for over 40# of apples--can't beat that!) we picked and picked. Until we had about 60 pounds! I always make lots of applesauce in the fall, and I'm thinking about canning other apple goodness this fall too...pie filling? baked apples? hmm. The options are endless. Here are the cats examining our bounty:

More adventuring to come, as always! I haven't been as present on this blog recently, but hope to get back to it more in the coming weeks and months. Holiday crafting is coming up!!!

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