Sunday, August 26, 2012

summer wrap-up, part 2

 After we got back from the lake it has been one thing and another, crossing activities off our summer bucket list one by one. On the 16th, the kids and I took a day-trip to Cunningham Falls State Park. I hadn't been there since I was a kid, so it was a "new" experience for all of us. We took the fairly easy 1 mile round-trip hike to the falls and back, including toes dipped in chilly water, and followed by a picnic lunch:
 This is my kids striking their "rock star" poses on the big rock. Pretty funny if you are 4. Or 7. Or 37. Rock. Star. Ha!
chilly toes...
 After lunch, we drove to Larriland Farms, a pick-your-own farm that is about halfway from the park to home. We picked blackberries...
 And peaches...

 ...and even some Gala apples. Here's all our bounty:
The next few days were full of baking (peach cake and blackberry cobbler), freezing (peach slices and premixed pie-filling), and of ice-cream making (blackberry). The apples are in the refrigerator, for munching, and I'm sure we will go pick more soon!
blackberry frozen yogurt (with chocolate sauce!)

We've also been painting, and swimming, and playing outside. And making homemade pizza as a family, for the very first (but definitely not last!) time.
 And then on the 22nd, we crossed off of the list "have a breakfast picnic at a park/beach" by picking up doughnuts and heading for one of our county parks (which also has a little beach...bonus!).
 We even spotted some raccoon tracks:
 And did some "treasure hunting":
There has been a lot going on around here! I have one more post's worth of activities, so stay tuned...

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