Sunday, January 8, 2012

when irish eyes are smiling

For the past four months the girlie has been taking Irish Dancing classes once a week. Its a great activity for her--active and athletic, building her coordination and confidence. For an idea of what kind of exercise it is, try standing up on the balls of your feet and then hopping up and down for a couple minutes, without putting your heels down!
Last night her dance school performed at a local Ceili, which is an evening of live Irish music and social (set) dancing put on by an Irish social club in Baltimore. Their performance was during a break in the social dancing, and it was pretty informal, which was perfect for my nervous little girl's first performance. I'm including a video clip here that is pretty long but gives you an idea... and yes, she kind of loses track of things halfway through, but that was the joy of it: no pressure, just fun.

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