Thursday, January 5, 2012

since I know you've been anxiously awaiting it...

O.K., maybe not. But I did want to get my holiday crafting "documented" here on the blog.  And Christmas officially lasts until Jan 6, Three Kings Day, so I figured I ought to get it in under the wire! Without further ado...

My Christmas crafting included:
 -an elephant for my nephew and god-son, who just turned one. The pattern names the elephant "Flo", which is not a good name for a one-year-old boy's elephant. I can only hope that he gives this poor elephant a good name. It was a fun project and I loved how it turned out. Cascade 220 Quatro yarn rocks! (P.S. to his mommy, it's wool...hand wash delicate!)
 -this knit vest for my other nephew, who is three. He lives in Naples, Italy right now, which tends to be mild, but I thought that sometimes you just need a vest. Done in Vanna's choice yarn, doubled, its a quick knit, and machine washable so his mommy would thank me.
 -Name signs for these nephews. Ikea frames + Scrapbook paper + letters cut with my Cricut + decals from a package of "Wallies" (wall paper type small decals) I had never used.
-For the mommy of the nephews, a cotton chenille washcloth, paired with some soap from a local craft fair. Still wishing I had gotten myself some of that soap. It smelled yummy!
-For a favorite Aunt of mine,  a scarf made from charcoal grey fleece with a braided edge. I didn't get a photo of it! But I got the idea from a fleece blanket I saw on Pinterest, so you can get the idea.
-And there were the cookie mixes we put together with the kids for all the extended family, some friends, scout leader, and mailman! picture. Wow. Really falling down on the job of photographer. Sorry...too busy making memories! But if you go to the link, they turned out just like the picture. Fun!

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