Wednesday, December 28, 2011

still in the christmas mood

Christmas day has come and gone, with new Christmas pajamas, and hopeful looks coming down the stairs (it seems like yesterday that I was the one coming down the stairs with my brother!). Christmas eve services, candles and songs so familiar,  meld into last minute presents being brought out under the tree, and bedtimes complete with instructions on when Mom and Dad can be woken up in the morning. Christmas morning mayhem, family arriving for brunch foods that we only indulge in just once a year. More mayhem and presents and wrapping paper flying everywhere. Cookies. Lots of cookies. Rest...just a little...before the trip up to be with more family.  Gratitude that someone else made turkey and ham so that I could enjoy it! Mashed potatoes and stuffing. More cookies! Joy in cousins enjoying each other and finding that even after all the Christmas gifts, sometimes the best toy is an upside down bowl and a rattle to make a drum. Joy in being together. Joy in every single moment, really.

looks like she might take after her mommy... 
lots of Legos around here on Christmas!
with cousin Q (and cookies)

I'm still basking in the glow of Christmas. After a long and busy day at work on Monday, I have been enjoying just being home, with my family, stretching out this Christmas through the vacation week.  Heating leftover warm cranberry orange punch, sitting by the tree with a book or some knitting. Doing little crafts and reading lots of books with the kids. Eating more cookies! Cleaning up, but slowly, at a vacation-pace. Watching the Grinch steal Christmas just one more time. Starting to ponder the new year coming, and resolutions that really do need to be made this year. Holding onto the year past, just a little bit longer. This week of between is more joy, a chance to breathe, to not have too many responsibilities, to just be. In the moment. And it is sweet.

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  1. wait... Q is the kids cousin? where is the relation? i'm so confused!!!