Thursday, December 8, 2011

christmas welcome

If you visit our house this winter, this is what will greet you: a fun and homemade felt wreath! I wish I could say I made it completely from scratch but I will confess that it was a kit I found at the local Joann's Fabrics. It doesn't seem to be readily available anymore online, (perhaps it is last years kit?) but I did find it at this site. It would be pretty easy to do yourself though. Basic instructions: out of about 5 colors of green felt and 1 color of green cotton fabric, cut about a bazillion 4" squares (sorry, I didn't count them). Fold each square on the diagonal, and cut 4 small slits along the fold. Weave onto a wire wreath form (made from a coat hanger would work just fine) and squish down until the wreath is full (this was a two evening project for me). Then embellish with felt pointsettias and buttons! A bright and fun way to add to our hand-made holidays.

Next holiday project: putting together the cookie-baking list!

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