Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer fun:: hoop-a-loop

Since the kids were small(er), hula hoops have been called "hoop-a-loops" around here, thanks to an episode of Special Agent Oso, where they first heard the term! A few weeks ago we saw children's folk singer, Elizabeth Mitchell's video of How to Make a Hula Hoop (on SouleMama's wonderful blog).  And an idea was born!

Today it is ridiculously hot. So in the mid-day, when we really couldn't bear to be outside, off we went to the Home Depot to get our supplies.  The nice guy working in the plumbing department, I have to give him credit. He didn't so much as blink or smirk when I told him we were looking to make hula hoops! And he helped us pick out the right pipe (not too flexible, not too expensive!) and connectors. Here we are with all our supplies:
PEX 3/4" pipe (8-10' per hoop), brass connectors, pipe cutter (didn't work so well--have hack-saw on standby!), electrical tape for decoration (very important!). Cut pipe to length (10' for adult/large kid, a foot or two smaller for littler ones). Soak pipe ends in very hot water for a minute to expand so pipe connector can be pushed in.  Seal connection with electrical tape, and decorate with colored tape. Hula hoop!

One of the best things about a home-made hula hoop is that these are bigger, and a bit heavier, than our "dollar store" version.  This makes it MUCH easier to hula hoop! The kiddos were quite impressed at mom's "hoop-a-loop" prowess.  But I can't do it at all with our store-bought hoops.


It helps to stick out your tongue...
Happy hoop-a-loop-ing!

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