Monday, July 11, 2011

garden journal 7.11.11

The garden is growing like gangbusters. Amazing how sunshine and soil and water can transform a handful of tiny seeds into these gargantuan plants. We are almost to the end of the lettuce, and a recent deluge did some damage there, but everything else is just coming in. Well, except the beans. These beans seem to have been of the "Jack and the beanstalk" variety:  vines that are reaching for the sky, outgrowing my trellises and not seeming to care! However...we have NO BEANS.  Not one blossom, not one tiny bean. Anyone who knows why, please tell me! They are amazing to look at though.  

Actually, there is one bean. My daughter brought home a little lima bean plant, sprouted in a wet paper towel in a baggie at school this spring. So we lovingly tucked it in beside all these beans. These bean-less beans. And low and behold, this little school project bean plant has grown a bean! And has another bloom, to boot.

We are starting some of our other harvest:  one nice zucchini (see below), and two cherry tomatoes were ripe enough to be picked. Lots of roma tomatoes are getting big but still green...I'm dreaming of salsa and sauce.

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