Thursday, July 7, 2011

create:: summer blouse

This has been the summer of the sewing machine, as far as my own personal crafting goes. There's been a bit of knitting, and a few other things in the works, but by far, the sewing machine has been busiest. This blouse should be perfect for church this summer, or a dinner out; its light and breezy, and the print makes me happy. Its Simplicity 2418, for those who are interested in such details.  The pattern is one that is called "Its so easy it's Simplicity", which I will say is a bit of overkill...the directions for the back yoke were not well written and as such it was a bit "fiddly" and there was some action with the seam ripper...yes...but in the end, with a tiny bit of improvisation to make what I'd done turn into what they wanted, it finished quite well.  And it was a quick sew, just a few hours stolen over several nap-times, which is how I like projects to go.

More to come:  a dress for the girlie is in the works, as well as something fun for the little guy's bedroom....from there, who knows?

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