Sunday, December 5, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like...

 ...Christmas, everywhere you least in our house!  I am so happy to be getting the decorations out, and we did the tree on Friday night.  First the kids did, oh, about the lowest 3 feet of tree, with unbreakable ornaments and their "special" ones they have gotten or made each year, and then later, with them in bed, we finished the top.  Our tree wouldn't be featured in any design magazine, but it is so special to us...nearly every ornament has a story, some from our childhood, some from our forebears (I have a tiny knitted sock from my grandparent's tree), and many many from our 8 years of marriage and the past 5 years of celebrating with children. It's theme is love, and family.

As the decorations come together this week, I know there will be more photos.  And then there is the baking to begin!

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