Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas is coming...the list

Not the list for Santa, unfortunately, although if he'd send me a couple elves on loan for a few days, that would help out quite a bit on the rest of the list.  The list is the one of "to-do's" percolating in my brain. Better to get it out and start making progress on it.  Here goes:
  • KEEP CHRIST FIRST AND my own mind, in my kids hearts, in light of all the other items below!
  • Christmas cookie baking: must include Harlequins, Great grandma's butter cookies, Chocolate chips, press cookies, and probably several other varieties that I will be reminded of once the recipes come out.
  • Gingerbread house making and decorating, with kids.
  • Names sewn onto kids' stockings (note: this has been on the list for several years, this year I've at least bought the materials!).
  • Christmas cards finished and mailed.
  • Baby Jesus ornament made for felt advent calendar (as seen in this post) before the 24th!
  • Last few decorations out of storage.
  • Deciding on the Christmas schedule of when to see family and friends, and to try to do it all and see all our loved ones we can.
  • Activities for this week:
    • Daisy scout meeting
    • Nursing home visit and Christmas party with our church home group
    • Visit to the Nutcracker ballet with my girl and the Daisies
    • Go see Santa! Get great photos...
  • Wrap presents...thankfully most are purchased already!
  • Finish Christmas knitting projects:  one and a half hats to go, I think!
  • Normal weekly activities:  laundry, cleaning, menu planning, grocery shopping
You know, now that its out there, I am not nearly as overwhelmed.  This may look like a big list, but its entirely doable, bit by bit. I'll keep you posted this week...hopefully with some good photos to share!

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