Thursday, June 27, 2013

first feis and first lost teeth

Two big events recently! 

On June 15, the girlie participated in her first feis. A feis (pronounced fesh) is an Irish Dance competition, and is a crazy, somewhat overwhelming, and yet fun experience. 800 dancers plus family. Crazy hair (most advancing dancers wear either full wigs or wig buns to give them those crazy curls). Waiting and waiting and waiting some more. Music coming from three different stages set up in one big hall. And my girl:
 (see all the waiting going on behind her?)
 Serious faces. Ready to dance.
And after, the face of, "I did it!", wearing her participant's medal. (note girl with crazy wig in upper left!)

Then, three days later, the boy had a milestone of his own: a first lost tooth! Loving the gappy grin.
Summer firsts. Happy summer, everyone!

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