Thursday, June 13, 2013

family summer adventure: King's Dominion

Yesterday we surprised the kids with a day at King's Dominion amusement park in Virginia. It meant the girlie missed school (which was only a 1/2 day anyway as this is the last week of school) so the surprise was extra-exciting for her. Throughout the day, we kept hearing, "This is the best day ever" from her mouth, so I think we can call the day a success. Her brother seemed pretty happy fact, we all did! As the kids get bigger I think there is so much more fun to be had at these this stage we get both kids on all the kid-sized rides and sister can now go on some of the roller coasters and all the water slides.

On the Avalanche: T.J. loved it!
Love the ponytails flying in the breeze!

view from the Eiffel tower

(girlie lower right)
The weather held out (no afternoon storms!) so we enjoyed the park rides for most of the day, and in late afternoon we headed toward the water park section for some fun swimming before heading home late last night.

A great start to our summer adventuring! I can't wait until school is out next week...tomorrow is the girlie's last day!

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