Wednesday, November 7, 2012

knit:: hurricane sandy capelet

There is nothing like a good storm with a real (or threatened) power outage to get me knitting!  Thankfully we weathered the storm without any real issues. As others gathered toilet paper and milk and batten down the hatches, I made sure that I had a simple pattern (i.e. can be done in near dark) and yarn! Last year's Hurricane Irene Vest was the first of these projects, and now I proudly introduce to you, the Hurricane Sandy Capelet!

It's made from 100% Peruvian Highland wool, and it keeps me toasty warm. I have received so many kind compliments on it this week (and I've only worn it twice, really!), that I decided to knit it for friends and aquaintances as a fundraiser for the hurricane relief efforts, because so many in NY and NJ are still suffering in so many ways. I am knitting it for the cost of yarn plus a donation to the hurricane relief efforts, and donating 100% of my time and proceeds. So over the next weeks and months, I will be knitting and knitting lots of these! (10 so far...yikes)  It sounds a little silly to say that God told me to do this, but it is absolutely true. I have been praying and praying for ways to use my creative talents to further the Kingdom of God, and He showed me that a compliment can be turned into a project that brings great good. I would love to tell you more of this story, if you would like to hear it.  And if you are reading this and want your own Hurricane Sandy Capelet, let me know. It may be a couple months before I get it to you, though!

Hope you are enjoying some happy knitting of your own...

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