Thursday, February 2, 2012

the perfect cat for us

I've been spending enormous amounts of time snuggled up with this sweet girl, who the kids have christened "Cassie" (after a short lived run of "Princess Buttercup"!). She is a little rescue about 3 months old, and she is the perfect cat for us! I have to emphasize that last phrase because after our older cat passed away last fall, the kids have been asking and praying for a new kitten, and I kept telling them that we needed to be patient and pray for the perfect cat for us, not just "any kitty". 

I had gotten a little discouraged after several craigslist dead ends, and had to keep reminding myself that we were waiting for God to bring us that perfect cat.  What was my image of a perfect cat? A short-haired, female kitten, 2-3 months old, affectionate, house-raised, good with the kids, and that I didn't have strong allergies to. (Most kitties and I do just fine, but there are a few out there that I am dreadfully allergic to!)

And God heard our prayers. This little girl is playful and smart, loves people and lets the kids carry her around, loves to snuggle up with me and purr loudly sitting on my chest, and she doesn't make me sneeze! She is still making friends with our other kitty, Dora, who has been a bit of a grouch since this little interloper came to stay, but Dora seems to be slowly coming around. This morning, Dora spent over an hour perched on a kitchen chair watching the kitten play on the floor while I cooked. I have hope that they will make their peace and become great companions.

I will readily admit that I have quickly grown to love Miss Cassie, and agree that God most certainly did provide, at just the right time, the perfect cat for us! Wouldn't you agree that she's adorable?

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