Saturday, February 4, 2012

fourth birthday

My "baby" boy turns four today. FOUR! Its true that time flies and it seems like yesterday that I was holding him for the first time.  And while the party (ok, parties) haven't really gotten started yet, I wanted to share this little poem I wrote for his birthday card.  We'll be headed to "the restaurant with the fire on the tables!" (aka the Japanese Steakhouse) later this evening, celebrating with both sets of grandparents on Monday, treats at pre-school on Tuesday, and the much-anticipated LEGO party with his friends next weekend, so truly, the fun (and pictures!) are still to come.  He's such a love, he deserves it all.

Four years ago, on your birth-day,
Who knew the boy you'd become today!
A boy who loves snuggles and loves tickles,
He even loves olives and lots of pickles!
A boy who is smart and goes to school,
His friends all think he is really cool!
He love to play and build and run,
Blocks and Legos are lots of fun!
Riding his motorcycle really fast,
Who knows how long the fun can last!

What fun you've had these first few years,
And now you're FOUR, lets give a cheer!
A year of growing, laughs and fun--
The celebration's just begun!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful boy!
We LOVE you!!!!

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  1. That is great! Good job. Happy Birthday TJ! Leanna sends you a big b-day hug!