Thursday, May 16, 2013

every day is mother's day...

...but it sure is nice to be treated like a queen on that one Sunday in May! We had a full Mother's day weekend, and I felt blessed to be a mom from start to finish. There are many hats I wear every week...wife, mom, chauffeur, housekeeper, chef...I even get to "play" Veterinarian a few days a week! But my role as mom is one of the most challenging yet the most consistently rewarding role I have. Raising and loving these two munchkins is something I thank God for everyday!

The boy had his preschool "graduation" and ending program on Friday evening. We have been so blessed to have this wonderful preschool for both of our kids to attend...after many years there is a bit of bittersweet to see it coming to an end as the youngest finishes. Boy, is he ready and excited for Kindergarten in the fall!

thats his self portrait with the blue shirt!

Saturday, the girlie had her very first piano recital. She started taking lessons just in February and has made such good progress! She played very well and barely showed her nervousness. Here she is playing, and with her wonderful sweet teacher, Mrs. Wise.

Then Sunday! Mother's day started with a wonderful breakfast of bacon, cinnamon rolls, and omelets (did I mention bacon?).  Energy food....for we headed out for our first family biking adventure since the boy's training wheels came off and I got my new bike! Getting a bike after about 20 years without one has been a surprising (to me) delight! I am so happy with my bike and it has been great fun to get out with the kids and hubby. On Sunday we drove over the Bay Bridge to bike part of the Kent Island Cross Island trail, going about 4 miles in all. It was a windy day and there were kite-surfers at Terrapin Park, where the trail starts. Hubby's comment was "cheaper than gas required!". Hmmm....yeah, I think he would enjoy it.
my new bike...cute AND sporty!
new bike rack too...4 bikes!

We wrapped up the day with hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill with my in-laws, and they treated us to old family movies from when hubby was just a baby- age 0 to 3, perhaps. Sweet fun. The whole day just felt right...relaxing, fun, surrounded by my family. The kind of day a mother loves. This mother, anyway.

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