Sunday, March 31, 2013

march moments

The days are long, the weeks and months and years are short. So true! In the past few weeks we have:

...enjoyed "Blasting off with a good book" at the preschool's annual reading night. A great theme for my astronaut boy!
...enjoyed homemade shepherd's pie and apple pie from the pie filling I canned last fall, all to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day:
 ...gone on a preschool Easter egg hunt...
...enjoyed seeing Cassie and Dora snuggling together:
...and enjoyed a "spring break" snowstorm, on Grandma's birthday!
We have also seen my sweet girl through surgery to repair the hole in her eardrum that never healed after her second set of tubes, kept her quiet for the past 10 days (and at least 10 days more) and prayed over and over that it would be successful, since we won't know until the next recheck.

We have had a quiet but relaxing spring break from school, with books and movies and playdates with friends.

We have seen daffodils bloom, both before and after the snow.

And we have approached Easter...

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