Saturday, June 23, 2012

bet you thought I'd vanished...

But I didn't. Although I may disappear under this pile of laundry. Look for me there! Truthfully, though, we have just come through a busy 3 weeks, with the end of school, quickly followed by a nine day vacation to see family and all the sights around Denver, CO. So I am still trying to dig out from under the unpacking, get back to work the past 2 days, process the photos (because I don't think blogger wants me uploading over 1000 photos), cool off in the pool (because we can!), hang out with the family (movie night was "Swiss Family Robinson" tonight, the 1960 Disney good), and all in all, I'm just not back in the blogging swing of things yet. But I will be!  Vacation photos, a sewing project I'm really proud of, garden updates and much more to come. As hubby would say, "Soon. Not now." Good night, all!

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